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Understanding Football Betting: When Does Extra Time Come into Play?

Online football betting has become a popular pastime among football enthusiasts. Betting aficionados often joke that to truly "break through" in football, you need a bit of "betting". However, not everyone comprehends all the rules of betting, such as whether football betting includes extra time and free vip betting tips telegram 

Let's explore how reputable bookmakers like 188Bet, W88, M88, etc., regulate match times and the calculation of extra time in online football betting.


  1. Does Football Betting Include Extra Time?

  • 1.1 Case 1: Results of Football Betting Excluding Extra Time

  • 1.2 Case 2: Results of Football Betting Including Extra Time

Does Football Betting Include Extra Time?

According to the general regulations of many online football betting sites, all football betting results are based on the outcome during the official 2 x 45 minutes of play, including injury time and stoppage time awarded by the referee (extra time), but do not include extra time itself.

Many cases of online football betting do not count extra time

Online football betting often does not count extra time

This is a general rule that most bettors are familiar with. However, for different types of bets, the rules regarding extra time can vary. There are two basic cases:

Case 1: Football Betting Results Excluding Extra Time

Unless there is an unexpected announcement otherwise, football betting results are typically counted only during the official 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time.

Cases of online football betting do not count extra time

There are cases where football betting does not count extra time:

  • 1×2 betting during a match.

  • Betting on the team scoring the first goal.

  • Betting on the player leading in goals.

  • Even/odd score betting per match.

  • First half/full match even/odd betting.

  • Total minutes of goal betting.

  • Anytime goal scorer betting.

  • Betting on players leading the scoring list in the match.

  • Betting on the team with the highest score in markets related to specific matches taking place on a designated day.

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Case 2: Football Betting Results Including Extra Time

These are special cases. When the match result is determined by extra time, reputable bookmakers open a new extra time betting session for players. Here, the betting result is determined by the outcome of extra time.

Cases of online football betting including extra time

Football betting results including extra time

Some cases of online football betting are based on the outcome of extra time:

  • Extra time Yes/No betting: This bet predicts whether the match will require extra time to determine the outcome.

  • Extra time/Goal betting: With this type of bet, players wager on whether there will be extra time and how many goals will be scored during extra time. Players should note that this bet becomes void if the match is canceled before extra time concludes. These cases are also quite rare.

  • Betting on how to determine the match result: This involves predicting the winning team and how that team will win the match. This includes two types based on extra time results:

  • Home team/Extra time.

  • Away team/Extra time.

Therefore, some cases of online football betting do include extra time. Though not widely popular in the football betting market, these extra time bets are novel and enticing, providing quicker results. Every online bettor should explore these types of bets to occasionally add excitement to their wagers. Players should pay attention to exploring these betting types on platforms like 188Bet, W88, or M88, as these sites frequently introduce new and attractive betting options, including those related to extra time. These are tips from experienced online football bettors. Good luck with your betting adventures

In addition to understanding whether football betting includes extra time, it's also crucial to grasp the implications of this in various betting strategies. Betting strategies can vary significantly depending on whether extra time is included in the outcome determination or not.

Strategic Considerations

  1. Risk Management: Betting on outcomes that exclude extra time generally involves lower risk because it relies solely on the result within regular playtime. This strategy appeals to bettors who prefer more predictable outcomes and wish to avoid the uncertainties introduced by extra time.

  2. Enhanced Opportunities: On the other hand, betting on outcomes that include extra time offers enhanced opportunities for those who anticipate a match extending beyond regular time. This approach can provide higher potential returns but requires a deeper understanding of team stamina, tactical adjustments in extra time, and potential fatigue.

  3. Market Dynamics: The inclusion or exclusion of extra time in betting markets also influences market dynamics. Bookmakers adjust odds and offer different betting options based on whether extra time is considered in determining outcomes. Understanding these market nuances can give bettors an edge in selecting favorable bets.


Whether opting for safer bets that exclude extra time or exploring more dynamic bets that include it, each approach has its merits and the best paid soccer tips  . By staying informed about how various betting platforms like 188Bet, W88, and M88 handle extra time scenarios, bettors can make informed decisions to enhance their overall betting experience. Exploring these strategic considerations adds depth and sophistication to one's approach to football betting, making it not only entertaining but also potentially rewarding in the ever-evolving world of online sports betting.


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